Overwhelmed and confused by the thought of planning a launch?
Yes! I need support
Do you find launch planning stressful?

If you answered yes. 

You're not alone. Launching can feel terrifying and stressful because of the million things we have to think about (e.g., social media, marketing, positioning our product, funnels, freebies, building sales pages, automations) and the list never seems to end. 

What if there were templates you can use that are easy to follow, for beginners, and can give you a sense of relief and calm throughout the launch process?

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Without strategy, your dream revenue goals feel out of reach

And without knowing EXACTLY what to do each week, you're afraid of making the same mistakes over and over again.

And as a result, your launch doesn't go as planned, your sales plummet, and you start to doubt yourself even more. 

Launch with Confidence Templates
Easy to Follow, Step-by-Step ClickUp Templates for a Stress-Free Launch
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Get organized with a step-by-step plan to make launching a breeze!
The results speak for themselves...
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"Alyssa’s launch planning template was one of the first ClickUp templates that I’ve ever seen that was truly “plug and play”.The addition of all the pre-launch strategy items in this template make it worth its weight in gold! It’s perfect for solopreneurs or teams to get organized and ready to launch without any “uh-oh” moments."

Erika Macauley, Certified Online Business Manager

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“Alyssa is an absolute rockstar. Not only is she an expert in what she does, but her ability to successfully execute on good ideas is out of this world. She continues to show up, take action and get results. She makes it look easy but I know how much effort she invests on the backend.”

Shar L. Managing Director, EWomenNetwork

Ready to start meeting your revenue launch goals?
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Hey, I'm Alyssa Bellisario.

A Certified Online Business Manager and Professor for one of the most popular colleges in Toronto, Ontario. I have helped thousands of students succeed with a college course I built from scratch.

But this isn’t an overnight success story, I refined the art of building and launching courses for coaches and helping them reach their revenue goals. 

I'm now on a mission to guide you in creating and launching high-impact programs and courses your clients will love!


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